7 Sensing Software

Why us?

  •  We develop technologies to bring together Multi-Modal Sensing, Machine Learning and Computer Vision at the Edge
  • We exploit sensors to invent new use cases and fuse data to enhance sensor performance
  • We extract hidden information from cluttered sensor data and we apply AI to optimize sensor designs
  • We harness our expertise in AI and Computer Vision to develop highly effective defect Inspection solutions, aiming to enhance yield and decrease manufacturing costs

Our Expertise

We employ AI techniques to develop sensing algorithms

We possess comprehensive expertise spanning the entire development cycle, from cameras and sensors to deployment at the Edge

Our software engineers have a unique opportunity to change the way people interact with devices and with each other. It’s a responsibility we take seriously.

We’re constantly refining a creative environment which will make 7 Sensing a place where talented engineers can bring their sensing application ideas to life

Our Leadership Team

Since April 2022
7 Sensing Software is a
wholly-owned subsidiary of


Computer Vision

The optimal sensing and representation of our surrounding world are two of the main challenges 7 Sensing Software intents to solve.

Our experts in computer vision leverage data from 2D and 3D cameras to extract precise representations of the physical world.

7 Sensing Software unleashes the potential of imaging sensors, from the capture to the application, to deeply change the real-time embedded experience.

Because, in the end, we want to make interactions between real world and sensed world seamless.