7 Sensing Software

Computer Vision

The optimal sensing and representation of our surrounding world are two of the main challenges 7 Sensing Software intents to solve.

Our experts in computer vision leverage data from 2D and 3D cameras to extract precise representations of the physical world.

7 Sensing Software unleashes the potential of imaging sensors, from the capture to the application, to deeply change the real-time embedded experience.

Because, in the end, we want to make interactions between real world and sensed world seamless.

Depth Capture

Our 3D Depth sensing solution is based on Deep Learning models.

It fuses in real-time an RGB image with ultra low-resolution 3D ToF data to create a high-resolution depth map.

Resulting quality is on par with Apple LiDAR-based TrueDepth and outperforms iToF-based and Google’s RGB-based depth maps estimations.

Our technology is designed and optimized for Neural Processing Units : 40ms per frame – 25 fps on Hexagon Processor.

Gesture Recognition / Hand Tracking

Our Gesture Recognition and Hand Tracking technologies are based on Machine and Deep Learning models.

They perform real-time fusion of ultra-low resolution (4×4 or 8X8) 1dToF sensor data to achieve complex touchless UI functions.

Our technology is designed for Sensor Hub platforms (Cortex-M33 @ 150MHz) : ultra-low power consumption on microcontroller to enable always-on operation

Gesture Recognition

Hand Tracking

66 kBytes Flash
61 kBytes RAM
<1 ms per frame
141 kBytes Flash
127 kBytes RAM
47 ms per frame

Hand Tracking demo – real time processing on microcontroller