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3D Avatar Generator

Discover our 3D Avatar Generator which enables the next level of immersion in games, VR, and video calls.

Our 3D Avatar Generator can generate a hyper-realistic 3D avatar in minutes by using a simple selfie video.

Our state-of-the-art technology is fully automatic and AI-based, no more need of costly
3D scanning or complex manual procedures.

The generated realistic 3D avatars can be customizedanimated, and exported to any 3D

Whether you’re a gaming company, a VR developer, or a business aiming to enhance user experience and customer immersion, our 3D Avatar Generator can help you unlock additional revenue streams.

Technical Details:

  • User-friendly. Capture a short selfie from any platform with a camera through the web browser. No need for an iPhone with a faceID sensor
  • Fast. 1 minute from video to mesh
  • Automatically rigged. Expressions can be driven from video
  •  Customizable. Change hair, headwear, eye colour, makeup… Fixed topology makes it easy to add your own libraries of assets, including blendshapes
  • Easy to integrateExport as .obj, .fbx, .glb, with moderate file size (1MB .obj, 5K vertices)