Our Team

Lionel Bouchard


Seasoned leader in software product development, leading-edge technology innovation and management.

25+ years of experience at Netflix, TI, Realnetworks, NXP and Philips.

Tim De Reyck


Senior finance director skilled in strategy, operations, financial and business planning processes.

15+ years of experience at NXP, InnoEnergy, Nyrstar and KPMG.

Harrie Tholen

VP Business Development & Sales

Worldwide sales leadership, fueling the revenue and profitability of software solutions, establishing overseas operations and building high-performance global sales teams from bases in Asia, US and Europe.

20+ years experience managing global sales for NXP, Philips, Nagra and Civolution.

Raoul Mallart

VP Product and R&D

Seasoned leader in management, innovation, creation, development and marketing of technologies, software and products in the AI, IoT, Internet, TV and mobile industries.

25+ years of experience at GrAI Matter labs, Sigfox, Archos NXP and Philips.

Max Lin

Sales Director

Experienced sales executive with a demonstrated history of working in consumer electronics industry.

15+ years of experience at Acer, CyWee and IBM.

Jean-Marc Luneau

Engineering Manager

Team Leader eager to manage and empower a team of creative experts with the drive to deliver leading edge solutions.

15+ years of experience at NXP, Nalys, Fraunhofer and Thales.

Thomas Le Guevel

Engineering Manager

Strong technical leader with experience to build and manage skilled international engineering teams.

15+ years of experience at NXP, Motorola and Siemens.

Stijn Robben

Lead Audio Software Engineer

Senior software engineer with passion for signal processing and machine learning on embedded systems.

8+ years of experience at NXP and Camco.

Marcin Gaborski

Software Team Manager

12+ years of expertise in software team management and customer delivery. Successfully delivered high value, multinational and overseas projects for Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers (Samsung, Ericsson, Amazon, HTC, Philips). Managed multinational Delivery Assurance team for leading embedded services in the UK.

Jacob Chalegoua

Software Developer

Audio software developer with keen interest in machine learning, deep learning and DSP.

2 years of experience at Fraunhofer, Thales.

Charles Fox

DSP Software Engineer

PhD in multi-microphone speech enhancement.

8 years experience in speech enhancement for mobile voice communication at Parrot, NXP.

Abdel Yussef

Audio Software Engineer

Audio enthusiast with a proven track record of high levels of technical competence and research in signal processing.

3+ years at RMIT and Cirrus Logic, focusing on the development of DSP algorithms for speech processing, analysis and synthesis.

Toon Van den Zegel

Computer Vision and AI Software Engineer

Experienced computer vision and machine learning engineer with a strong background in 3D graphics programming.

6+ years of experience with time-of-flight sensors at Sony Depthsensing Solutions, formerly known as SoftKinetic.

Janusz Lenar

Software Project Manager

Seasoned Project Manager and Agilist with strong, multifaceted technical background, notably around 3D vision.

8 years of experience in Computer Vision development at Warsaw University of Technology (Photonics Lab) and Samsung. 4+ years of managing projects and teams.

Igor Górniak

Software Developer

Software developer with passion for embedded and low level system topics. Specialized in Linux kernel & device drivers area.

8 years of experience gained while working at Samsung and Phoenix Systems.

Eric Chambatte

Audio DSP R&D Engineer

Research master in acoustic imaging, great interest in audio DSP related topics and finding innovative solutions.

10 years of experience at Intel, NXP, Sequans communications.