Our Team

Lionel Bouchard


Seasoned leader in software product development, leading-edge technology innovation and management.

25+ years of experience at Netflix, TI, Real Networks, NXP and Philips.

Johannes Peeters

VP Product Strategy & Services

Seasoned senior sales professional, innovator and strategist. Defined and delivered new categories of products for the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial segments.

15+ years of experience at Sony, Softkinetic and Collibra.

Max Lin

Sales Director

Experienced sales executive with a demonstrated history of working in consumer electronics industry.

15+ years of experience at Acer, CyWee and IBM.

Jean-Marc Luneau

Engineering Manager

Team Leader eager to manage and empower a team of creative experts with the drive to deliver leading edge solutions.

15+ years of experience at NXP, Nalys, Fraunhofer and Thales.

Thomas Le Guevel

Engineering Manager

Strong technical leader with experience to build and manage skilled international engineering teams.

15+ years of experience at NXP, Motorola and Siemens.

Tim De Reyck


Senior finance director skilled in strategy, operations, financial and business planning processes.

15+ years of experience at NXP, InnoEnergy, Nyrstar and KPMG.