7 Sensing Software

Pure Voice

Smart fusion of microphone(s) and bone conduction sensor signals


  • Eliminates all ambient noises while maintaining natural speech quality during voice calls
  • Ensures optimal performance of voice assistant
  • Optimized voice quality for all TWS earbud designs, no matter what bone conduction sensor is used
  • All-day optimal performance on popular TWS platforms



  • Smart adaptive fusion of microphone and bone conduction signals
  • Robust front-end for voice UI and ML engines
  • Designed for/verified with all popular bone conduction sensors and voice accelerometers
  • Low footprint and platform optimized


Make sure your voice is heard!

Supported Platform Cores

  • Qualcomm Kalimba
  • Cadence Tensilica Hifi mini/3/5
  • ARM Cortex M4f